Cancer Support and Resources

Pastoral Care in Temple

Pastoral Care provides assistance to people facing frightening, frustrating and discouraging situations. Our chaplains are part of your healing team. They’re available for you or your family 24 hours a day.

Scott & White chaplains have specialized training to help you and your family with the thoughts and feelings that come with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They will respond professionally and confidentially to people of all faiths.

Office hours: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Phone: 254-724-1181 to speak with a chaplain during normal office hours. During non-office hours, call the main Temple hospital at 254-724-2111 and request to speak with the chaplain on call.

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Cancer Care

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The Scott & White Vasicek Cancer Treatment Center sponsors general and cancer-specific support groups and events throughout Central Texas, including Bryan/College Station, Killeen, Temple and Waco, for patients and caregivers battling the effects of cancer.

The support groups are an extension of the medical care you receive at Scott & White, and can sometimes serve as a cathartic opportunity for you to grieve, share and rejoice in other’s milestones.

Group Support and Expert Speakers

“The support that these groups provide to patients complements the medical care they receive,” said Pandora Ashley, Scott & White Cancer Program Coordinator. “The meetings provide an opportunity for them to talk with other patients, learn from them and even teach their peers. We have nurses on hand at the meetings to help field medical questions and often have physician speakers give the latest information on treatments or technology. They also field general questions about the disease.”

For many patients, the medical care they receive is all they think they need. But for others, the opportunity to meet and talk with others going through similar experiences offers even more help. Support groups can meet in a relaxed and non-clinical setting and talk openly about their concerns, questions and fears.

For most patients, being diagnosed with cancer sets them off on an emotional roller coaster ride that never seems to slow down. But combined with expert medical care, support groups provide a calming and cathartic environment where the ups and downs are shared with others.

Oncology Social Work Services

Scott & White offers a full range of oncology social work services — and we are one of the only cancer programs in Texas that provides these services regardless of your ability to pay.

Our licensed Oncology Social Workers provide the following services:

  • Counseling services for anger, depression, acceptance, bereavement
  • Family counseling for spouses and children
  • Mediation — between you and a staff member or you and a family member
  • Resource acquisition — assisting you in getting the medications or equipment you need
  • Coping techniques — helping you bring as much of your previous life over to your “new normal”
  • Resource referral — directing you to a wide variety of assistance and aid
  • Ongoing assessment throughout your treatment
  • Support groups, including online and telephone support groups
  • Assist with issues of fertility and family planning
  • Work with the Continuum of Care Department to ease your transition out of the hospital and back into the community
  • Survivor activities, including spring parties and fall retreats

Our Oncology Social Workers are here to help with the psychological, social, physical and emotional issues that result from a diagnosis of cancer. They’re also your voice, helping keep the care focus on you.

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