The Baylor Scott & White Health Publication Department was established over 40 years ago to assist investigators and researchers in the preparation of manuscripts, abstracts, and other materials for a variety of purposes including publication, presenting, and distribution.

How We Can Assist You


In conjunction with the author, the Publication Department will produce a final manuscript that is grammatically and structurally correct and follows the guidelines prescribed by the author’s selected journal.


Each text is reviewed for accuracy and consistency in the areas of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. When performing his/her duties, the Publication Department will refer to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, the most current editions of the AMA and APA style guides, and Strunk’s The Elements of Style. Questionable terms will be brought to the author’s attention for verification, ie drug name and inconsistently cited medical procedures. Authors are expected to verify measurements, numbers, etc within the article.

Reference Checks

The Publication Department uses PubMed and Google Scholar to verify reference information. The Department also works with the staff of the Richard D. Haines Medical Library to obtain articles for proper citation and review.


Each manuscript is edited and reviewed for style-specific standards. Suggestions for revisions are denoted on the draft, and each author will have the opportunity to review all editorial suggestions before the final suggestion occurs.


When artwork is required, ie photographs, figures, line drawings, the Publication Department works with authors, Department Medical Illustrations, digital imaging, and the Photography Department to assure compliance with journal guidelines and expedite the submission process.

Cover Letters

The Publication Department will draft a submission letter to accompany the manuscript and upload it to the journal website.


After the edits and suggestions made to a manuscript are approved, the Publication Department will submit the document and all corresponding files to the journal’s submission portal.


If the journal accepts the manuscript conditionally, the Publication Department will assist the author in revising their manuscript according to the editorial comments and returning the manuscript to the journal.

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