Academic Research Support Staff

Image of Hania Wehbe-Janek, PhD

Hania Wehbe-Janek, PhD
Vice President
Academic Research and Development
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  • Responsible for the support of research academics, research development and accountability in accordance with the Baylor Scott & White Health mission
  • Supports research divisions and departments directors in their orientation, ongoing mentorship and guidance in the planning and implementation of research activities
  • Oversees and develops academic research programs and initiatives within Academic Research Development, Biostatistics and Publication teams
Image of Joni Bailey, BS

Joni Bailey, BS
Program Manager
Academic Research and Development
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  • Provides administrative support to the OARD through arrangement and coordination of appointments, meetings, seminars, conferences or travel to ensure successful outcomes
  • Coordinates Professional and Research Travel Awards
  • Coordinates the Research Mentorship Award (RMA) program
  • Compiles reports, charts, graphs and tables and reviews documents to determine appropriate action
Image of Wendy Hegefeld, PhD

Wendy Hegefeld, PhD
Academic Research Development
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  • Develops activities to support existing research programs and supports research development of investigators at all career stages
  • Provides education and training activities to foster research productivity of Baylor Scott & White Health investigators
  • Serves as a resource and guide for investigators interested in research and proposal development, research methodology, grant applications, and collaborative research and fostering research collaborations
  • Serves as Vice-Chair of the Research Mentorship (RMA) program
Image of Jennifer Stone, PhD

Jennifer Stone, PhD
Research Development Specialist
Office of Academic Research Development

  • Provides mentorship and service to all levels of investigators in grant development including critical review of draft proposals, assistance in creating required grant components and composing letters of support and eligibility
  • Provides education and training to investigators in grant writing and sources of internal and external grant funding to support research development
  • Assists investigators in the research process by providing guidance on available resources, regulatory requirements and fostering collaborations
Image of Yolanda Munoz Maldonado, PhD

Yolanda Munoz Maldonado, PhD
Biostatistician II
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  • Provides consultation on appropriate statistical design, sample size calculations, and analyses planning for study protocol development for internal and external grants
  • Performs statistical analyses and related reports for manuscript submissions or conference presentations.
  • Collaborates with clinical investigators by writing methods sections and result interpretation for manuscript publication.
  • Plans and conducts statistical continuing educations courses.
  • Statistical areas of expertise: Simple and mixed linear models, Multivariate Analysis, Functional Data Analysis, Survival Analysis.
Image of Courtney Shaver, MS

Courtney Shaver, MS
Biostatistician I

  • Supports the dissemination of the operational analytic results to the medical or scientific community through meetings, presentations and publications
  • Collaborates with investigators to design and conduct research and operational analyses that are directed towards improved patient care and health
  • Develops and analyzes a variety of research data, performs statistical analyses, and develops, distributes, and presents reports
  • Provides consultations on appropriate statistical designs, sample size calculations and analysis planning for protocol development
Image of Chandler Carroll

Chandler Carroll
Medical Writer

  • Edits manuscripts, abstracts and other material for content, clarity, and overall sentence structure (subject verb agreement, etc.)
  • Verifies reference citations using PubMed/Scott and White Medical Library
  • Checks figures and tables for proper formatting, size, color, and resolution for the chosen journal
  • Provides support in preparing cover letters, print and required author forms, such as copyright transfer agreements, author disclosure forms, checklists, and any additional publication support when needed
  • Assists in electronic submission of manuscripts
Image of Adam Stephens

Adam Stephens
Medical Writer

  • Providing authors with journal instructions
  • Editing, proofreading, and formatting manuscripts
  • Assisting with journal/reviewer request
  • Acquiring signatures for conflict of interest and copyright forms; obtaining permission to re-use copyrighted material
  • Assisting with journal/reviewer requests; re-submitting manuscripts as necessary
Image of Terrynce McKeown

Terrynce McKeown
Medical Writer

  • Corresponds with lead authors, doctors, and investigators from the Baylor Scott and White network to offer editorial counsel
  • Edits and revises a variety of literature from the medical field including grants, abstracts, journal submissions, and posters
  • Ensures that any spelling, grammar, style, or punctuation errors within the text, tables, or figures of the literature has been corrected
  • Formats literature for publication according to various journal requirements; in addition, assists authors with the online submission process to specified journal
  • Performs statistical analysis and data entry as necessary for monthly and quarterly reporting
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