Program on Aging and Care

Scott & White's Program on Aging and Care develops and tests support services and clinical interventions for older adults and their caregivers.

It is essential that healthcare facilities accommodate the ever-rising senior population and their caregivers. By investigating and developing support services and clinical interventions, the Program on Aging and Care is promoting a change in how older adults and their caregivers interact with their healthcare providers.


To promote personalized, comprehensive, high quality medical care that will improve the health and quality of life of older adults and their caregivers.

Goals of the Program on Aging and Care

  • Prepare older adults to interact with healthcare providers
  • Support family caregivers
  • Promote lifelong health

A Practical Toolkit Created from a Successful Implementation of
the Care Transitions Intervention

The CTI toolkit is a compilation of practical strategies and tools that we found useful in our experience of implementing and delivering CTI in an integrated healthcare system over a three-year period. The materials are intended to be customized for each entity in order to adapt them to the organization while maintaining fidelity to the CTI model.

Download the CTI toolkit PDF Document*

*This download contains zipped files.

Patient Care

The Program on Aging and Care does not provide medical care. For medical care, please call 800-792-3710 or 254-724-2111 or request an appointment online.

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