Recent Publications

Robin BN, Chaput CD, Zeitouni S, Rahm MD, Zerris VA, Sampson HW. Cytokine-Mediated Inflammatory Reaction Following Posterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion Associated With Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2: A Case Study. SPINE 35 (23): E1350-1354 (2010). PMID: 20938385

H. Wayne Sampson and Alan R Parrish. ”Immunohistochemical Localization of Adhesion Molecules” in Adhesion Molecules  Chapt. 2. (2010). Series “Modern Insights Into Disease From Molecules to Man”. Editor. Victor R. Preedy, Science Publishers, NH, CRC Press. Taylor & Francis group. pp.21-36.

Rajesh C. Miranda, Andrzej Z. Pietrzykowski, Yueming Tang, Pratheesh Sathyan, Dayne Mayfield, Ali Keshavarzian, Wayne Sampson, Dale Hereld.  MicroRNAs: Master Regulators of Ethanol-Abuse and Toxicity? Alcohol Clin. Exp. Res. 34(4):575-587 (2010). PMID: 20102566

Javier La Fontaine, DPM, MS, Naohiro Shibuya, DPM, MS, H. Wayne Sampson, PhD, Maria Del Pilar Valderrama, DDS, MS “ Trabecular Quality and Cellular Characteristics of Normal, Diabetic and Charcot Bone. J. Foot Ankle Surg. (in press) Epub ahead of print 2011 Jun 24 PMID 21705241

H. Wayne Sampson, Christopher D. Chaput, Jason Brannen, Robert Probe, Rakeshwar S. Guleria, Jing Pan, Kenneth M. Baker, Vincent J. VanBuren. Alcohol Induced Epigenetic Perturbations During the Inflammatory Stage of Fracture Healing.  Exp. Biol.Med.. (in press)

Masafumi Horie, MD, PhD, Matthew D. Driscoll, MD, H. Wayne Sampson, PhD, Ichiro Sekiya, MD, PhD, Cyrus T. Caroom, MD, Darwin J. Prockop, MD, PhD, Darryl B. Thomas, MD. Implantation of Allogenic Synovial Stem Cells Promotes Meniscal Regeneration in a Rabbit Meniscal Defect Model. The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (in press).

C.D. Chaput, L.J. Dangott, M. D. Rahm, K. D. Hitt, D.S. Stewart, H.W. Sampson. Protein Variation between Normal and Osteopenic Bone Tissue: A Proteomic Study of the Human Femoral Neck  Osteoporosis Int. (submitted)

Christopher D. Chaput, MD, Carl A. Gregory, PhD, Coy A. Wright, MD, Christopher D.  Souder, MD,  David A. Kummerfeld, MD,  Bret H. Clough, MD,  Matthew R. McCarley, BS, Johnathan F. Williams , BS, and H. Wayne Sampson, PhD. “ Intramedullary Critical-Size Defect Models for Non-Union in Rodents”. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Am) (submitted).

Wright C, Chaput C, Ward R, Gregory C, Schwartz CJ, Souder CD, Kummerfeld DA, Williams JF, Sampson HW. Osteolysis and Inflammatory Response with PLA:DX:PEG in a Segmental Defect Rat Model with Intramedullary Fixation . J. of Orthopedic Trauma (submitted).

David F. Ferguson, MD, Bryce J. Busenlehner, Mark D. Rahm, MD, Sachin M. Mehta, Juhee Song, PhD,  Matthew L. Davis, MD, H. Wayne Sampson, PhD, Christopher D. Chaput, MD.  The Use of Routine Thoracoabdominal CT Scans in the Polytrauma Patient to Estimate Obesity. J of Trauma (submitted)

Daniel Stahl, MD, Nicholas Souder, MD, Robert Probe, MD, Wayne Sampson, PhD, Russell Ward, MD. The Effects of Hypothermia and Mediators on Skeletal Muscle Function in Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. JBJS (submitted)

Sachin M. Mehta, Bryce J. Busenlehner, Christopher D. Chaput, Mark D. Rahm, Juhee Song and H. Wayne Sampson. Ossification of Spinal Ligaments: A CT Investigation of a Proposed Link Between Obesity and Calcification of the Osteoligamentous Structures of the Spine (submitted).



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