Research Data Management

The Research Data Management Department povides the most efficient and effective clinical research solutions by utilizing cutting edge, innovative technologies.

Data Management

Data managers create Microsoft Access databases for research studies. The databases are information management tools that help us to collect data from studies that will be used for data storage, analysis, reporting and reference. Complex user input validations will be applied into the forms to maintain the quality of the information being entered into the databases. The databases allow us to overcome the limitations found when trying to manage large amounts of information in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications.


The Clinical Trials Data Analyst team utilizes the data repositories to analyze data and provide research related reports, feasibility, and analysis for customers system wide to enhance enrollment and decrease cost.  The Feasibility team operates by the guidelines in the Research Feasibility Policy. In an effort to streamline the routing of your Research application, you must verify that the study is feasible. To obtain the necessary forms, please Log into iMedRIS.

You will find the forms by selecting My Assistant/Operating Procedures, under Feasibility (on left pane), select Feasibility & Study Initiation Form. If you are not able to access this information, you may contact Feasibility Send an e-mail for assistance.


iMedRIS is an integrated management tool that supports different processes of research. It is a consolidated application that accommodates compliance, review boards, study management, and grant processing as well as serving as a data warehouse. It is a secure access oriented Web-based environment, and is intuitive to each researcher based on their needs. iMedRIS allows for reduction of data duplication and produces real-time tracking of study progress through a world wide web portal.  This suite of modules allows our institution to integrate concurrent processes into one centralized database. We provide hands-on training and promote a converged environment for our researchers in the Grants Administration Office. We facilitate and streamline the submission process from start to finish. Our success towers as we use a centralized support system to provide a full rage of assistance to our customers in all aspects of grant submissions. If you have troubles logging into iMedRIS, you may contact Research IT Send an e-mail for further assistance.

Information Technology

IT provides hands-on training and support to all researchers and staff. Technical troubleshooting and innovative solutions are also provided to create a streamlined and efficient technical enviornment for the research community. E-mail us

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