Office of Research Business Development Staff

Image of Jung He Woo, PhD

Jung-Hee Woo, PhD
Director, The CRI
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  • Responsible for all aspects of research and development, administration and operations at Cancer Research Institute
  • Collaborate with investigators of academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies who need GMP production of investigational new drugs for testing in phase I clinical trials
  •  Lead, supervise and promote GMP drug production and new drug development for cancer therapies using antibody-based platform technologies
Image of Kempapura Murthy

Kempapura Murthy, MBBS, MPH
SAS Programmer
Research Data Management
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  • Responsible for developing Access databases to collect and store data for research studies
  • Assists Biostatisticians by performing data manipulations using SAS
  • Generates reports, graphs, and conduct basic statistical analysis using Access and SAS
Image of Megan White, BS

Megan White, BS
Research Business Development Analyst
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  • Provides business development support for Research Ventures including communication with inventors, academic and industry partners, and other collaborators  
  • Researches and analyzes market trends to assist with commercialization of technologies including diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, and software 
  • Monitors project development and communicates deadlines and status of projects
Image of Anne Robertson

Anne Robertson
Clinical Trials Analyst III
Research Data Management
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  • Responsible for data acquisition and data quality for major research projects as the Flu and Family Medicine related studies
  • Assists with finding patient population in order to determine feasibility
  • Assists Clinical Research Coordinators and Principal Investigators with recruitment of subjects for their research studies upon approval of study
Image of Teresa Ponder

Teresa Ponder
Clinical Trials Analyst II
Research Data Management
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  • Responsible for data acquisition and analysis of all feasibility requests
  • Assists Clinical Research Coordinators with ChartScript issues and Biostatistics with data entry and analysis
  • Assists with data entry and data integrity/quality assurance for Flu Study
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