Center for Cell Death and Differentiation

Photo of Karen Newell-Rogers, PhD

M. Karen Newell-Rogers, PhD
The Raleigh R. White, Jr. Endowed Chair in the Department of Surgery

Our scientists, clinicians, research technicians, graduate students, physicians, residents and staff are analyzing the work of life itself: how cells die when they should not (blood loss or shock); how cells do not die when they should (unbridled metastasis of cancer); how cells become what they are supposed to be, or differentiate, as in the case of stem cells that are destined to become brain cells or to grow into muscle tissue.

Cell death and differentiation is about understanding and repairing the processes of life.

Our focus encompasses life and death on a cellular level and its banner has been taken up by countless scientists and medical professionals dedicated to mitigating life and death at the most basic scale - that of human existence.

We are cultivating deeper understanding of cell death and cell differentiation through collaborative efforts with Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine.  Learn more about our members and upcoming events»

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M. Karen Newell Rogers, PhD

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