Clinical Retention and Training (CRT)

Clinical Retention and Training (CRT) provides trained support staff to assist investigators with completion of clinical trials. These support staff are called Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs). There is currently a team of fifty (50) CRCs working in numerous medical specialty areas within the clinic and hospital locations of the Scott & White Healthcare system.   

CRT collaborates with each specialty area when hiring new CRCs. Coordinators hired by CRT include qualified registered nurses and non-medical staff with varied undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, often in other health care fields. After hire, CRT provides classroom education in addition to one-on-one ongoing mentoring and training for CRCs while they work in the assigned specialty area. CRCs are trained in all aspects of clinical trial conduct, including training on federal research regulations and research Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Role of Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs)

The role of the CRC varies depending on the investigator’s need and the research protocol requirements. In general the CRC is responsible to organize each research trial from inception to completion. The CRC works with the investigator to ensure that all required procedures are conducted and that the subsequent data is reported accurately for analysis. Under the guidance and supervision of the investigator, the duties of the CRC may include the following:

  • Designing and maintaining organizational tools that will aid in the conduct of the study. The study should be conducted accurately and in compliance with Good Clinical Practice
  • Assisting in training other site personnel and other medical staff in understanding and implementing the protocol
  • Recruiting and screening the potential study subjects according to the protocol’s inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Obtaining proper written informed consent from each study subject prior to participation in the study and documenting the consent process
  • Ensuring that the signed and dated informed consent form for each subject, with the appropriate subject identification, is filed in the medical record
  • Scheduling study subjects’ visits and defining the study visit activities completely and accurately by providing appropriate documentation in the case history
  • Reporting all adverse events (AEs), and serious or unexpected adverse events (SAEs) to the investigator and assisting the Investigator in reporting to the Sponsor/IRB all AEs/SAEs, as the protocol and regulations require
  • Maintaining adequate and accurate case report forms (CRFs) for each study subject that record all observations and data obtained during the study
  • Maintaining adequate source documentation (any document, or record where subject’s data are first recorded). All data noted in the CRF should be verifiable by supporting source documentation.
  • Completing the CRFs for the study accurately and completely as determined by the investigator (Note: While Study Coordinators may fill our CRFs, the ultimate responsibility for the content and accuracy of a CRF rests with the Investigator, who reviews and may be required to sign each CRF indicating that they confirm all the information contained within a CRF)
  • Assigning study subject numbers and maintaining accurate and complete records of the receipt, dispensing and return of all clinical supplies-noting all discrepancies
  • Maintaining records of subjects’ status in the study by using tools such as enrollment log forms
  • Aiding in communicating with the sponsor representative to discuss the conduct of the study and review study data in association with or as directed by the Investigator
  • Following all Scott & White policies associated with the handling of the investigational products and providing clinical care
  • Assisting with preparation for site visits from the FDA and other regulatory agencies by collecting and organizing all clinical sources of subject data pertinent to the clinical trial

Upon eligibility, all CRCs are required to pass a national certification exam for research professionals administered by the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA).

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