Center for Research in Vaccines and Infections (CRVI)

Manjusha Gaglani, MD Director, Center for Research in Vaccines and Infections

Dr. Manjusha Gaglani has been director of the Center for Research in Vaccines and Infections since its inception in 2008. The center has supported multiple research studies focused on influenza and other vaccines.

For the current and past four influenza seasons, the center has coordinated the outpatient U.S. Flu VE Network study at Baylor Scott & White Health affiliated primary and urgent care clinic sites. In addition, the center staff has supported Baylor Scott & White in serving as the sole intervention site for the 10-year NIH-Baylor-BSWH Texas Herd Immunity Trial "Control of Epidemic Influenza," lead on site by Dr. Gaglani.

Dr. Gaglani also lead the development of school-based influenza immunization research programs for three influenza seasons: Killeen ISD in 2004-2005 (SchoolMist study) and Temple ISD, Belton ISD and five additional surrounding ISDs from 2008-2010.

Since 2010, Dr. Gaglani has been working with CDC investigators on a 2010-11 study to examine factors that influence influenza vaccine choice, antibody response to vaccine and vaccine effectiveness in healthcare workers in direct patient care.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of large influenza vaccine clinical trials, Dr. Gaglani works with the centralized infrastructure housed in the Research Administrative Building. All of the research support services of the Division of Research outlined above are available for the Center for Research in Vaccines and Infections.

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