Mission and Goals

Our Mission

To contribute to the conservation of health by conducting research pertinent to Family Medicine that will generate results for:

  • Improved patient care
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Disease prevention
  • Safety promotion

Our Goals

To fulfill our mission, DORFAM undertakes several activities in the areas of organization, training, collaboration, research and information dissemination by:

  • Organizing a structure in the Department of Family Medicine to conduct research pertinent to primary care and family medicine.
  • Educating and training faculty, residents and medical students on the concepts and methods of research pertinent to primary care and family medicine .
  • Establishing collaborations and working partnerships with existing research networks in the institution, as well as with other local, state, national and international agencies, academic programs and private citizens to promote good health and safety.
  • Stimulating, supporting, and assisting faculty, residents and medical students to conduct research in all aspects of family medicine and to evaluate new medical interventions in primary care.
  • Mentoring and assisting faculty and residents to disseminate relevant research findings at professional scientific meetings and in peer-reviewed journals.

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