CenTexNet Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN)

Information About CenTexNet

CenTexNet is a primary care practice-based research network (PBRN) funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). CenTexNet was founded on October 17, 2002, and is based in Temple, Texas, in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Scott & White Memorial Hospital and the College of Medicine, Texas A&M Health Science Center. CenTexNet seeks to enhance the capacity of its primary care provider members to conduct research in primary care settings and to translate relevant research findings into practice. A Planning Committee and an Internal Advisory Committee govern CenTexNet. In addition, CenTexNet actively seeks the expert opinion and input from external consultants.

CenTexNet was formed because the majority of people residing in Central Texas first enter the healthcare system through a primary care office. Therefore, the importance of primary care research to the functioning of the entire healthcare system in Central Texas cannot be overstated. Many such networks have been formed in other areas with significant results and impact. PBRNs serve as laboratories for primary care and have been in existence since the mid-1970s. Kurt C. Stange M.D., Ph.D., a Family Physician at Case Western Reserve, says there are 10 compelling reasons to do primary care research:

  1. Patients count on us to develop the best care based on science.
  2. The current primary care knowledge base is insufficient.
  3. Current quality measures are blind to much of the value of a primary care practice approach.
  4. It is hard to improve primary care without understanding it.
  5. Managed care (used to) love us, but for the wrong reasons.
  6. We need to know how to take care of the problems that most of the people have most of the time.
  7. Generating new knowledge provides a different kind of satisfaction.
  8. Practice and policy should be based on hard science.
  9. Generalism is the hardest science of them all.
  10. Knowledge is power!
  • You will be a member of the Federation of Practice Based Research Networks, which includes more than 50 PBRNs from North America and England.
  • You can receive CME credits through Scott & White for some network research activities.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your scholarly activity.
  • You’ll have the chance to make important decisions on research questions.
  • Communication will be easy and hassle-free through the use of our internet-based Listserv.
  • The network will provide our support staff to assist with research efforts in your clinic (e.g., chart review).
  • This is an easy way to be involved in meaningful research.
  • Time commitments will be minimal and meetings will be short and rare.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make presentations at national meetings.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to see your name as an author of a published medical research article.

CenTexNet membership is open to all primary care providers practicing in the Central Texas area or those affiliated with Scott & White and who are interested in research in the primary care setting.

For Enrollment Forms: Contact Us

Phyllis Davis at 254-771-8211 or Dawn Begaye at 254-771-7749.

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