Getting Started and Submission Process

Scott & White Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Training, Education and Other Requirements

Prior to being authorized to conduct biohazard research at Scott & White, you must complete required training and education courses.  Depending on the type of research you are conducting, you will be required to complete specific training and education in the Biosafety Training Program.  For more information on requirements, please email the IBC office Send an e-mail.

Prior to final approval of personnel on a project they must be enrolled in their institutions Occupational Health Program.  Depending on the nature of the project, additional requirements for enrollment might be recommended.  For more information or to enroll, please email the Occupational Health OfficeSend an e-mail.

How to Submit

All the forms required for submission to the IBC are available under the forms area.  You will be required to complete the appropriate form and submit it to the IBC Office, as indicated on the top of the form.

For questions regarding the pre and post submission process, please email the IBC office Send an e-mail.

What Happens Next

Once the IBC Office has received your submission form it will be reviewed for completeness.  If there are any questions or corrections needed the IBC Office will contact the PI and/or study contact for clarifications.  Once a complete submission is received the submission will be assigned for review by either the Biosafety Officer and/or Full Committee review.  A notification of the type of review the submission will receive will be sent to the PI and/or study contact.

After the submission is reviewed the PI and/or study contact will be notified by a formal communication of the review outcome.  This outcome could be approved, approved pending modifications, or disapproved.

Laboratory Inspections

Once an application is received the PI and/or study contact will be contacted to schedule a laboratory inspection.  The laboratory inspection will be conducted by the Biosafety Officer along with members of the IBC, when available.  A satisfactory laboratory inspection must be completed prior to final and on-going approval of your project.  If you need to schedule a laboratory inspection at any time, please email the IBC office Send an e-mail.

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