Scott & White Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

When do I need to register a project?

All research projects that are subject to the NIH Guidelines and local policies must be submitted to the IBC for registration. For a list of projects that require registration and approval prior to initiating your project and those that can be initatied simultaneous to IBC registration please refer to the NIH Guidelines PDF Document.

Who can I call to assist in the submission process?

The IBC Office is always available to assist with any questions regarding the submission process before and after approval of you project is granted. Also, the Biosafety Officer is available for any questions related to specific research proposal.

How long are approvals valid?

Proposals receive an initial approval that is valid for 3-years. During that period annual reports are to be filed with the IBC. After the 3-year approval period, a new application will need to be filed with the IBC.

What do I do if I want to make changes to my protocol?

Changes to your approved protocol must be submitted to the IBC prior to the changes being implemented. A study update / change request form PDF Document must be submitted to the IBC for review and approval.

What is the process for a laboratory inspection?

All laboratories must have a satisfactory laboratory inspection prior to approval of the IBC application. Lab inspections are conducted at least annually. Inpsections are conducted by the Biosafety Office and possibly other members of the IBC. To schedule a laboratory inspection, please contact the IBC office.

What training or education courses are required of researchers?

All study personnel must be up to date on required educational training prior to approval to work on a project. The required training is dependent upon the type of research being conducted. View offered training couses and class schedule

For questions about the specific training required for your research project, please contact the IBC office.

What is a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)?

MTAs must be completed when material is either being transferred from another facility / investigator or you are transferring material to another facility / investigator outside of Scott & White. For assistance with the MTA process, please contact Sumita Gosh, PhD, JD (Research Attorney), c/o Nidia Jimenez, Legal AssistantSend an e-mail.

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