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General Information

What is iRIS?

Scott & White's iRIS system is located at

iRIS stands for, Integrated Medical Research Information System, and is used to process all of the research applications that are submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). It is a web-based system that enables online application submission, real-time submission tracking, review, post-approval compliance activities, and data management. The system also functions as a document repository, providing investigators with easy access to submission records and study documents.

Investigators can use the system anywhere they have Internet access, helping to connect faculty, researchers, students and partners around the world in one portal. The iRIS system expedites the review and approval process. iRIS is an automated system that promotes a paperless office and supports and greener and cleaner environment.

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How do I get access to the iRIS system?

Select the " Request new account " button on the Scott & White iRIS page.

iRIS login

Enter the required fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Primary Number (phone number)
  • E-mail Address
  • Department

iRIS new user access

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If you need access to particular studies within iRIS, review the information below.

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Suggested next steps (password management)

  1. Register for Password-Self Service at
    With the Password Self-Service password management tool, you can now go online and use Password Self-Service to manage your Scott & White network (Novell) password. Password Self-Service is a fast, secure way to directly change your network password without contacting the Help Desk. Once you have enrolled in Password Self-Service, you can also use the service to reset your password should you forget it in the future.
    Password Self-Service TutorialPDF Document (S&W login required to view)
  2. Once you have registered, change your password in the Password-Self Service at

How do I know if I already have an iRIS ID/account?

Your iRIS ID is the SAME as your Novell ID. If you are not sure if you have an iRIS account, you can

  1. Check to see if you can login with your Novell ID and password
  2. Contact iRIS Administration at Send an e-mail

How do I know if I have a Novell ID?

If you are Scott & White staff, your Novell ID is the same as your GroupWise ID. For example: John Doe's GroupWise email = Novell ID = jdoe

If you are an external user, (i.e., TAMU) You can call the Scott & White Helpdesk at 254-724-2501 to inquire if you have a valid Novell ID. Note: You can have a Novell ID but it may be disabled (be sure to ask).

Note: If you had a Novell ID but haven't actively used it for six (6) months and it was not revalidated by the requester, then it may have be disabled or deleted.

How do I get my password if I forgot it?

  1. Scott & White Users
    If you can log into your GroupWise e-mail, then you know your Novell password. This is the same password that you use to login to iRIS.
  2. All Users
    1. If you registered for Password Self-Service at, you can retrieve you password here!!
    2. Call the Scott & White Helpdesk at 254-724-2501 and request a Novell ID password reset.

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What are the benefits of using the iRIS system?

Here are just a few of the benefits that the iRIS system offers to investigators and their support staff

  • Faster review process and communication of status – Electronic submission will reduce processing time and speed up the time to approval. PIs and study contacts will receive approval letters by email immediately after they are prepared.
  • Study information at your fingertips – Where you have Internet access, you have access to your protocol information.
  • Improved document management – The system identifies which documents are currently approved, helping you use the correct versions.
  • Intuitive application – The application will branch out based on how you answer key questions, so you won't have to figure out which supplements to submit.
  • Documentation of submission for sponsors – You will have a record of each document that you submit.
  • Easier access to approval records – Study approval records will be accessible to PIs, study staff, and key departmental administrators.

What if my login fails?

  • Call the Helpdesk at 254-724-2501 to find out if you have an active Novell ID.
  • If you have an active Novell ID but do not remember the password, ask the Helpdesk to reset the password for you and tell you the password.
  • Now give it a try.
  • Remember how to test your Novell ID/password. If this isn't working, then you won't be able to log into iRIS since it uses the same ID/password.
  • If the Novell ID/password fails, contact the Helpdesk with this information. Try to connect while they are on line with you.
  • If it still fails, contact iRIS Administration at Send an e-mail

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Does iRIS work outside of Scott & White?

iRIS is a web-based application which means if you have access to the internet, then it is available. iRIS is compatible with most computers.

To determine whether it is available on your computer, click System/Browser Requirements button on the iRIS log-in page. iRIS is most compatible with Internet Explorer. If you have any personal computer questions related to iRIS, contact iRIS Administration at Send an e-mail

How do I update or change My Account Information?

To change your account information click on " My Account Information " found in My Assistant. You may change this information at any time but remember to click the save button after making them and keep your information current.

How do I assign a user to my Key Study Personnel when I can't find them in iRIS?

Ask the individual to submit the "Request New Account" form on the iRIS Log-in page. Once their account is created, you will be able to assign them to your study.

Why am I not seeing all of my studies?

You may not be able to see some studies because they have not been properly assigned to you. Contact the Principal Investigator (PI) and ask them to check for your name on their Key Study Personnel (KSP) list. If you are missing your own studies, contact the iRIS Administration at Send an e-mail

How do I determine who has signed off on my submission?

The Track Location feature is the best method of finding this information. The submission signoff rows are marked complete once the user has signed-off. Also you will notice a time stamp of receipt and if signed you will see a completed time stamp on the "Date received / Date Completed' column. The items that read In Process are pending.

How can I see where my submission is or why it is delayed?

The Track Location feature will show the present disposition of your submission. It will display both the submission's past and pending events. Completed items are marked with a check mark while Pending items show an In Process icon and lastly a Stop Sign marks events with issues. This is typically seen on citi completion issues.

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I forgot to attach some documents. How can I do that now?

First, upload the documents into iRIS then contact the IRB/RGP and inform them of the mistake.

How do I respond to iRIS correspondence?

Open the study the correspondence is referring to and click " Study Correspondence ". Click "Post a Reply to this Topic " to respond. For example, if you receive an e-mail from iRIS in your Outlook, AOL, Yahoo or other email account, clicking " Reply " will send your message to the general iRIS inbox and not to a specific person. Therefore, to properly reply, you must do so within the iRIS System.

What is the Submission Response Form?

The Submission Response Form is a communication tool that provides a method for the Review Board to request additional information from the Investigator. Currently any KSP aside from Study Contacts may submit the Submission Response Form.

How do I create a revision of a document?

Revisions are only allowed for documents that have already been submitted. First, you must find the document that you want a revision of then click the " Revision " button that is next to it. The version numbers that are associated to the document will update automatically. *Caution, if you are asked to enter a version number then the revision process was not properly followed so you have to start over. The Revision function will also help assure that your documents are both organized and current. Remember to attach the documents to your submission.

Why can't the Review Board (IRB/RGP/IACUC) see recently uploaded consent documents?

The Review Board can only see " submitted " documents. Your uploaded documents are kept in your study's file and the Review Board cannot access them until they are submitted. Therefore, remember to attach and submit those documents that you want the Review Board(s) to view.

How do I attach consent documents to my IRB Application?

On the IRB Submission form, click the " click here to attach a new informed consent " button. If the Consent Documents are already in iRIS, simply checkmark the boxes next to the desired consents and click Save Attachments. If the desired consents are not in iRIS they must be uploaded before they can be attached.

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What do Key Study Personnel have access to?

Key Study Personnel access varies based on their study role. For example, a Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator, Study Coordinator and Regulatory Data Specialist can access both applications and documents. Study Contacts will receive notifications and alerts but are unable to access either applications or documents.

I received an email saying a Submission Response Form was pending, but where do I find it?

The Submission Response Form is found either under the Incomplete Tasks or the Outstanding Submission section found in Study Management of iRIS.

How do I know if the Review Board(s) has received my submission?

Open your study, click Submissions History then click the Track Location icon next to your desired submission. Review the events for IRB submission receipt.

I am submitting a Continuing Review and need to attach a consent document that is already in iRIS but cannot select it.

At the Consent Attach Screen, click the " Add Revision " icon that is next to the consent to create a copy. For administrative recording purposes, the original consent cannot be resubmitted. However if your Continuing Review involves an existing consent document, attaching the copy should be sufficient.

What do I do if an IRB approved consent comes to me with a formatting issue?

The IRB is not responsible your document's format. If your document contains contaminate items such as track changes or merge codes, you may experience this issue. It is your responsibility to ensure your documents are absent these contaminants. Contact the regulatory office at 254-771-4824 for tips to remove the issues before submission.

How do I get to the informed consent templates in iRIS?

First, open your study then click the " Informed Consent " link under Protocol Items. Click " Add New Consent " and options will appear. Select the consent option that applies, and click Next Screen. Answer the ensuing questions and click Save Consent to download the template. Note: Use the templates provided. Do not upload an existing file you have.

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How can I print a blank application form?

With the application open, click the Printer Friendly button. All but the IRB Application form can be printed blank.

How do I get my new application signed by a sub PI's and the Department Chair?

Include them as Designated Department Approval(s) in the Key Study Personnel section of your application. Each will receive an e-mail with instructions to review and signoff plus have access to all study documents.

Why do I continue to get sign off notifications if I have already signed off?

You will continue to be notified so that all involved will know of any outstanding issues until all signatures have been completed, including the chair.

How do I know I have signed off correctly?

If you have no outstanding tasks on your home screen then you have done what was expected of you.

How can I find out who has not signed my project?

You will continue to receive notices until all signatures are captured. But to see 'who' has not signed, click on the track submission icon and you will see who has not completed the signature. You can also tell because they do not have complete time stamp.

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