Getting Started

Required Human Research Protection Training

Prior to being authorized to conduct human subject research at Scott & White, you must complete mandatory human research protection training.  Scott & White utilizes an internet-based provider called CITI to fulfill this education requirement.  Learn more about CITI

Where & How to submit

At Scott & White, the IRB review process involves completing an electronic research submission packet through an internet-based system called “iRIS,” which stands for the “Integrated Research Information System” run by a vendor called iMedRIS. 

First, go to iMedRIS and select “Request new account” and submit a user account request.

Once you are ready to begin preparing your research project for electronic submission using the iRIS system, please log into the system and then select “Add a New Study” under the “Research Assistant” area in the left-hand column on the page immediately after the log-in screen. Selecting this option will begin the submission preparation process and will first prompt you to complete an application for IRB review, which will serve as a complete summary of the nature of your project.  Once you begin the application, be sure to select  the gray bar reading “Save and Continue to the Next Section” as you complete each section. 

After you complete the application, you will be prompted to attach any other relevant documentation such as a protocol/research plan, data collection forms, and any other pertinent documents. This process will automatically create an initial review submission packet in the system.  If you exit iRIS before completing the submission, to go back into the draft submission please click on “My Studies” once you log back into iRIS and then click on the open icon to open the study back up.  Once you do, select Initial Review Submission Form on the main study page and then Edit/View” on the next page to go back into the submission you previously started.

For questions and/or assistance with the pre- or post- submission process, please contact Tracy Troxell or Evelyn Kile

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