Ophthalmic Research

World-class eye healthcare delivered with compassion is the ultimate goal for the Scott & White Eye Institute. One significant way in which Scott & White has chosen to fulfill this mission is by the establishment of the Ophthalmic Vascular Research Program (OVRP) – a joint venture between the Division of Ophthalmology at Scott & White, the Department of Systems Biology and Translational Medicine, and Cardiovascular Research Institute at the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Scott & White committed significant resources from its Division of Research and Education to establish this one-of-a-kind ophthalmic vascular research program. With the generous support from the Kruse Endowment Fund and the establishment of the Kruse Centennial Chair in Ophthalmology, Dr. Lih Kuo – Professor of Systems Biology and Translational Medicine at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine and an internationally renowned investigator in microvascular research – was recruited to develop a laboratory designated for ophthalmic vascular research and to direct the OVRP.

The Scott & White Eye Institute and the Ophthalmic Vascular Research Program create exciting opportunities for faculty, residents and fellows to research vascular diseases of the eye.

A fellowship/postdoctoral program in Ophthalmic Vascular Research allows residents in Ophthalmology or postdoctoral fellows to train in basic science (i.e., microvascular research techniques) and applied clinical research. New theories regarding the pathogenesis of various eye diseases as well as potential new therapies which are proposed and tested in the basic science laboratory, if appropriate and promising, can be taken into the clinical setting to benefit patient care.

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