Project Management

The Project Management Office was created to handle the post-award management of all research activities. The duties of the Project Management Office include reviewing the financial standing of active studies, meeting with study personnel to discuss outcomes or financial review, and billing activities related to research subjects. The staff is currently comprised of a Research Manager, three Project Analysts, and two Research Study Billing Specialists.

Post-Award Management

After a Release of Funds is issued, each study is placed in a financial review queue and is assigned to a Project Analyst. It is the goal of the analyst to review each assigned study every three months. During the review process, the analyst reconciles expected study revenue and expense. The result of this reconciliation is a real-time project balance for the study. The project balance is communicated to study personnel during a review meeting in which the status and future management of the study is discussed.

Research Patient Billing

All studies that include budgeted patient care procedures are assigned to a Research Study Billing Specialist. The duties of the Billing Specialist include, but are not limited to, providing CPT codes and charges during study budget process, building guarantor numbers and research cases, creating/modifying Research Activity Forms, and verifying and paying for research charges.

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