Podiatric Research

Photo of Podiatric Research Team
From left to right: First row: Mary Jo Koss, RN, Michele Solis, Jane Calfy, Lori Murdoch, R.N., Darlene Burnell
Second row: Dough Murdoch, DPM, Larry Lavery, DPM, Nathan Hunt, DPM




Primary Investigator: Lawrence Lavery, DPM
Co-Investigator: Douglas P. Murdoch, DPM
Research Fellows: Nathan Hunt, DPM
Clinical Research Nurse Manager: Lori Murdoch, RN
Research Nurse: Mary Jo Koss, RN
Research Coordinators: Michelle Soliz, Darlene Burnell, Jane Calfy


The podiatric research team is dedicated to enhancing the pursuit of quality health care by contributing to medical research and education. We seek clinical research opportunitites and collaborative efforts in the area of lower extremity health. We also provide a research fellowship training opportunity. Our current funding sources come frm the National Institute of Health (NIH), professional associations, institutional grants and industry.

Current Studies

There are presently 12 studies in progress with six that are active.

Dr. Lavery and his research team at Scott & White received two NIH grants that will fund two five-year studies.

  1. The total contact cast (TCC) study focuses on foot wounds, compliance and cost of cae and complications.
  2. A second study is a collaborative effort with a research team from the U.K. headed by Dr. Andrew Boulton which will study the recurrence and prevention of foot ulcers using a shear-reducing stocking or standard stocking.

Both the TCC study and stocking study are presently open for enrollment. Both require the subject to be diabetic. The TCC requires that the subject to presently have an ulcer on their foot and the stocking study requires the subject to have a healed diabetic foot ulcer.

Anyone interested in participating in these studies can call the Podiatry Research Team at 254-771-7604.

Some studies are sponsored by the American Diabetic Association (ADA) and American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and are looking into the occurrence of ulcers in diabetic patients that are currently undergoing dialysis and how foot care effects diabetic foot complications.

In addition, we are looking to new therapies to deal with treatment of foot infections and open amputations.

Our research team here at Scott & White is dedicated to helping you put your best feet forward.


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