Community Research Center for Senior Health

It is vital to our nation's health that community leaders, healthcare providers and researchers, community service organizations and Seniors work together to find new solutions to address the health needs of Seniors.

Founding partners - Scott & White, Texas A&M School of Rural Public Health (SRPH), and Central Texas Area Agency on Aging and Disability Resource Center (AAA/ADRC) have come together for the initial formation of Community Research Center for Senior Health. Collectively, we're identifying the needs of our diverse communities to develop new programs and services that are acceptable and feasible to the many groups which play a role in Senior Health.

The Center's partners will pursue new community collaboraitons and will work to strengthen existing relationships to synergistically build capacity for health intervention research.


To engage individuals and their communities in programs that improve Senior health and well-being. Our vision is to be a valued national leader in efforts to promote Senior health through trusted partnerships among academic, healthcare, and community organizations.

Goals of the Community Research Center for Senior Health

  • Infrastructure & Integration. Create a sustainable infrastructure that promotes an interdisciplinary and multi-contextual approach to Senior health intervention research.
  • Community Engagement. The Center will utilize and expand community partnerships to more fully understand local needs and to encourage community participaton in all types of research.
  • Technical Support.  Provide guidance and support to investigators and community leaders in research design, evaluation, and data analysis techniques that balance the need for rigorous science and the practical realities of conducting culturally sensitive, applied health research in community settings.

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